Comments from Parents

Comments from our parents from our first 'Seeing is Believing' event which was very successful.

Mrs Curson,
Thank you so much for showing me around school this morning. It was a great opportunity to see school 'in action'. School is a very busy place yet it was evident that staff and you have time for pupils and parents with their best interests at heart. It was fascinating to see all the different ways children learn, what amazing opportunities they have and how they are genuinely encouraged to make the most of them. 
The classes appeared to be engaging all the children and I've learnt that even maths can be fun ( not my favourite at school!) I also learnt about the input from other sources eg. Secondary schools and the Nottingham University and how school uses those resources.

You obviously put a lot of emphasis on the right interventions for the right children at the right time. This must be an enormous effort and only achievable with the class teachers having the right support, in particular from teaching assistants. It would be interesting to learn and understand more about how that works. Perhaps parents could have the opportunity to meet teaching assistants and experience how they work with the class teachers.
It was a privilege to be able to see school 'at work' and understand for myself what happens on a normal day. I was particularly impressed with the happy atmosphere and the politeness of the children we met. I would encourage any parent to take up your offer to see for themselves school from 'the inside'.


I really enjoyed being shown around the school for the 'Seeing is Believing' tour by Mrs Curson.  We looked in every room, nowhere was off limits.  It was interesting to see all the classrooms, I was very impressed to see all the children looking engaged in their lessons and everyone showed exemplary behaviour.


I would thoroughly recommend going on a tour to any parent, especially if you've never been shown around before.  Mrs Curson is really friendly and approachable, and she'll answer any question at all that you might ask about the school.